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Guys this software is the BOMB! I had the chance to get early access to BacklinkSkyrocket, and it beats a lot of the SEO solutions out there.

My SEO motto is always ‘Do what your competitors do, then a do a little better!”. This allows you to do exactly just that, check your competition dofollow backlinks, grab them and allow you to either post to those directly if they are blogs, or export the list and send it to ur VA for other backlink types! Im also a big fan of the fluff-free, straight to the point interface.

But the thing I love the most abt this is the SPEED of it. Seriously try to analyze the top 10 rankings with TrafficTravis Pro, it takes me usually at least a minute to get the results out. Backlink Skyrocket does this in about 5 seconds, and I still can’t believe how FAST this soft is (it might take me a while to adjust

5 Star ***** Stuff!

Bertrando, Offline Master

If you have the other tools for this kind of thing, meaning any of the number of tools that are available to find competitor backlinks and SM and know how to and are comfortable using them, then this tool very likely is not for you. I think you would be disappointed in the simplicity an inflexibility of it.

On the other hand, if you are not already doing this kind of thing and have no experience or very little experience with the more complicated (and more expensive) tools that bring this functionality, then you should jump on this, point blank.

The method used here is one of the few methods that has only gotten better (ie more results) since the Panda update. If you are not using this method you are missing out on one of the best, long lasting and easiest ways of ranking on today’s Internet.

So, a MAJOR thumbs up for the method.
Thumbs up on the ease of use of the software.
A reserved thumbs up depending if you already have the other tools to accomplish this or not.

Garrett, M

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